Tourist Visa

Please read the following document requirement and kindly ensure that you are able to provide all of the listed documents before starting your application.

General Documents - All Applicants must provide the following:

  1. Passport valid for a minimum of 180 days with at least two blank pages
  2. Correct visa fee (Please see the Prices Page for more details)
  3. Two recent photographs as specified in the photo guidance page.
  4. Duly Filled Online application form with Signatures for each applicant.

If traveling with Minor Child (Under 16 Years of age):

  1. Copy of the child’s birth certificate showing the names of both the parents
  2. Consent letter signed by both the parents.
  3. Photocopy of Parent’s passports along with the copy of their current Indian Visa, if already holding one.
  4. If parents are Indian citizens, copy of the resident status in the UK would be required.
  5. In case of Divorce, Child Custody Letter from court in respect of the child is required.
  6. In case of Single Parent, Solicitor’s Letter and Child Benefit letter will be required.

Media Related Professionals, Police or Armed Forces, Commercial Pilots, Charity Workers and Priest going to India for Tourism need to submit the following along with the above:

  1. Letter from the employer stating the purpose of travel.
  2. If Self Employed, please provide an Undertaking letter stating no Professional related activities would be undertaken during the stay in India.

Applicant’s holding Bangladeshi Passport Holders/Pakistani passport holders /UK passport holders of Pakistani Origin /Spouse:

  1. Last three months bank statement.
  2. Notarized invitation from relative (s) in India and their proof of identity (Photo ID) (Only for Pakistani Passport Holder)
  3. Duly filled five sets of Specific Visa application form for Pakistani passport holders with one identical photo on each form.(Pakistani Passport Holders)
  4. Copy of employer's letter OR chartered accountant's certificate (if self-employed) OR unemployment allowance letter / disability allowance letter / benefit letter.
  5. Duly filled Additional Information form (Pakistani Passport/Foreign Passport Holders of Pakistani Origin/Spouse)
  6. Duly filled Visa Application Form for Bangladeshi passport holders (All the columns of the Form are Mandatory and must be completely filled). Three sets of Application form.(Bangladeshi Passport Holders)
  7. Latest one month bank statement. (Afghanistan /Bangladeshi Passport Holders)

For Sri Lankan & Chinese Passport Holders:

  1. Duly filled additional form (Colombo Form) for Srilankan passport holders.
  2. Duly filled additional form (Beijing Form) for Chinese passport holders.

For Person whose previous nationality was Indian before acquiring foreign nationality:

  1. Surrender Certificate of the Indian Passport
  2. If traveled to India before, please provide your Previous Passport with Indian Visa

Non-UK Passport Holders, resident in UK for less than Two years, applying for Indian visa, need to provide a duly filled additional form for NON-UK Nationals who have been living in the UK for less than two years. The processing time for such applications will be a minimum of 15 working days. NON-UK Passport Holders, resident in UK for more than Two years, need to provide the following: Stamp of Indefinite stay OR

  1. 1. Utility bills pertaining to Current Month, and One for at least Two years back (but not older than 30 months).
  2. Utility Bills include only Landline Telephone, Gas, Electricity, Water, Council Tax Bills and Tenancy Agreement
  3. Bank statements will not be considered as Proof of Stay.
  4. Mix and Match of the Utility bills are not acceptable.
  5. In absence of 2 years residence proof in UK, case to be treated as Non-UK national and Non-UK form should be submitted.

Business Visa

Along with the general documents mentioned above, all applicants for business visa must provide the following documents:

  1. An original signed letter from the company in UK explaining the nature of business and duration of visit.
  2. A signed Letter of invitation from an Indian company on their official company letter head clearly stating the purpose and duration for which visa is requested.

Important Information: The business letters should be provided on the letter head of the company and addressed to High Commission of India and its respective Consulates.

Urgent Business Visa

In addition to the documents required for business visa, below listed documents are required for an urgent fast track business visa to India.

  1. 1 Letter from the parent sponsoring organisation in UK on company's letter head indicating the nature of the applicant's business, reasons for Urgent Business Visa, probable duration of stay, validity of visa applied for, places and organisation to be visited and a guarantee to meet maintenance expenses.
  2. Letter from the sponsoring organization in India on company letterhead indicating the nature of applicant's business, reasons for Urgent Business Visa, probable duration of stay, validity of visa applied for, places and organisation to be visited and a guarantee to meet maintenance expenses.
  3. Two years residence proof in UK (i.e. utility bill-water, gas, electricity, council tax or Indefinite stay stamp or Agreement papers if staying as tenant] in the case of applicants applying on their country of Origin Passport

Please Note: Since references are required by authorities for Non-U.K. residents for less than 2 years and Pakistan nationals/ Pakistani origin applicants, the same day urgent visa facility is not available for them. They have to apply for normal visa application.

Please Note: That this list is not exhaustive and does not guarantee a visa. The High Commission of India or its Consulates reserve the right to ask for additional documents if required.